Front of Mike's Subs, c. 1981As best as can be determined the store at 2862 Delaware Avenue in Kenmore, just a few short blocks north of the northern border of the City of Buffalo in New York State, opened its doors in 1956. The store was opened by Mike Davis originally. Mike sold the store to a Kenmore Policeman and his wife in the mid-to-late 1960’s. It was then sold to the current operator and his family in 1981, and has been operated by them from 1981 to the present day.

In spring of 1992 the name was changed to Hoagie Brothers. This was in an effort to join with a budding franchise in the area and take part in important things like cooperative advertising and purchasing. However, in August of 1994 the ownership decided it would be best to stay with the original “Mike’s” name.

Mike's Giant SubmarinesIn the beginning there was a very simple menu of cold-cut subs. The menu was just a few subs; mixed, ham, salami, spice loaf, and tuna. Rolls were not toasted (there was no toaster on the premises), Mike’s Special Oil was the only condiment (sorry, once again, in the beginning there was no mayo on the premises), but there was the hot pepper relish Mike’s is famous for! Prices were low. Are you ready? A ham sub was only 59 cents, and a mixed sub, 79 cents.

Through the 1970’s several subs were added. Steak, Sausage, Pizza, Meatball, Capicola, and a few more. The hot subs were cooked in microwaves. A toaster was brought in if you wanted your buns toasted. And mayo was added as an option.

Long subThe next major change was in 1984 when a grill and fryer were installed. This instantly upgraded our hot subs like steak and sausage. It also gave us the opportunity to add some items to our menu that have become staples like Chicken Wings, Chicken Fingers, French Fries, and Onion Rings.

Through the rest of the 1980’s more popular subs like the Buffalo Chicken, Grilled Chicken, Turkey Club with bacon, and others were added to the menu.

Further refinements were made in the 1990’s. Delivery service was started in September of 1996, and has been warmly received by many customers. Additions to the menu like the Chicken Fajita and the Gardenburger sub give us our menu as it stands today.